Friday, April 8, 2011

Baby Bo

This wonderful family was committed, prepared and hard working during their 1st birth.  I am always amazed at the strength, perseverance and faith that comes into play during a labor and birth.  The physical transitions which can seem so challenging are absolutely nothing compared to the transitions that we go through from woman and man, husband and wife to mother and father and family.
There are almost always smiles and tears during different parts of the labors that bring those transitions just like in life outside of labor.  There is such an incredible amount of surrender required on the part of both parents and baby.  There is little like it in the world.  There are other times we are called to surrender so greatly in life but few others in such a short span.  We are called to surrender being a vessel for this beautiful life knit within us.  Surrender to the idea that when we awaken we no longer think of ourselves and our own needs (have I peed yet?)  we think of how is our baby, what does our sweet one need?  We also think now in terms of forevers not just tomorrows.
I am indeed blessed to be part of these experiences.

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